Scents of Living Candles for at home use

We have the upmost standards in ingredients so you can be rest assured you are receiving the very best.

Scents of Living Soya Wax Candles

Soft candlelight on a dark night…  Air sweetened with natural fragrance…

A luxurious bath in soothing oils after a long day. Why not pamper your body in return for all the work it does? We are better, happier people when we have small comforts in our lives.

You should also have comfort and confidence in the products that provide those little luxuries. Scents of Living considers the whole picture: from where our raw materials come from, to the quality of the ingredients, how our products are made and the people who make them. This includes how our products are tested (never on animals), how they are packaged, shipped, and how they are used.

Our candles are made from an all-natural wax blend of soy, palm, beeswax, and other natural waxes and oils. These waxes are renewable resources, & do not contain petrochemicals. The Scents of Living Collection is richly scented with high quality fragrance and natural essential oils. We use wicks made from cotton and unbleached paper. The glass jar and lid are high quality pieces manufactured in North America. Our candles are designed to be burnt 3-5 hours per burn. When the wick is completely exhausted, a thin disc of wax may remain. Pop this out and wash the glass or tin with hot soapy water. The glass can then be reused, and the tin is accepted by all North American food tin recycling programs.

Our 4 oz fragrant tins will burn for 25+ hours and 7.5 oz frosted glass will burn for 45+ hours.