Nature. Balance. Wellness. for at home use

We have the upmost standards in ingredients so you can be rest assured you are receiving the very best.

Nature. Balance. Wellness.

nbw has chosen to support natural, sustainable agriculture. They consider every ingredient and its source carefully before using it in their body and skin care products. Have confidence that the ingredients found in nbw products are natural, safe, and good for you.

nbw‘s liquid Hand and Body Wash is a very gentle, high quality, multi-purpose liquid soap. This wash is biodegradable and vegetable- based, designed to cleanse while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture. This is a concentrated formula, a little goes a long way! Use for cleansing skin and hair or enjoy it as a foaming bubble bath.
Our Estheticians use this Hand and Body Wash as their biodegradable manicure/pedicure soak. Many customers tell us that this Hand and Body Wash is the gentlest lathering soap they have ever used!

nbw‘s light Body Lotion is designed to refresh and gently moisturize. It contains Shea Butter to improve skin’s elasticity, Grape Seed Oil for antioxidant properties and Avocado Oil for its essential fatty acids. Vitamins C & E are added for their anti-oxidant properties which heal skin, promote cellular health and naturally preserve the product.
Our Estheticians depend on the nourishing properties of these lotions in their manicure and pedicure treatments. At-home fans report using it as an all over daily moisturizer and a quick treatment for dry skin.

We carry nbw hand and body wash, body lotion, body butter, glycerin bar soaps, and exfoliating body scrubs for  purchase for at home use.